[30 days countdown of Beijing Skateboarding Marathon] network issue, accommodation & after-race party, and tips of touring in Beijing

Network issue

In most cases, all the oversea web services are accessible in China if you use data roaming of your sim card from your country. The only problem is it’s expensive (around 20$ for 1Gb). But in case you really in an emergency situation, remember this.

VPN is highly unstable in China because the firwall keeps update their blocking techniques. Some of us built our private VPN, however it changes over time cuz the cloud server always been blocked. When you arrive in China yet not get the VPN working, the most solid way to keep in touch with us is by WeChat. We strongly recommend you to setup your WeChat ready, add the following contacts before you get on the plane to China.

  • Jihe Gao (WeChat id: Jihe9a0), event organizer
  • Ciwei Tian (WeChat id: tswweixin), timing officer, outdoor explorer
  • Yuchen Xie (WeChat id: iamhereltsAways), hotel & after-race party plan

If you encounter any problem sign up your wechat please contact tswcmpass@gmail.com

Accommodation and after-race buffet & party

Yuchen Xie, the team leader of Shanghai distance skateboarders organized a plan, which includs 2 nights stay (18th and 19th October) at one of the budget hotel neighboring to the Dongjiao wetland park, and an after-race buffet and party. (BTW – he did a good job hosting the after race party at Beidaihe in May.)

If you prefer to stay with Chinese longboarders, please contact Yuchen for details (WeChat id: iamhereltsAways)

  • price for two nights stay (18th and 19th) plus one breakfast:
    • 538 CNY (~77 USD) for twin beds room
    • 538 CNY (~77 USD) for queen size bed room
    • 196 CNY (~28 USD) for one berth in a three beds room
  • price for after-race buffett & party is 120 CNY (~ 17 USD)
  • The hotel provide pick up from the airport.
the hotel’s room

Beijing travel tips

  • For those stay in a short time and want to take a quick glance of the top attractions (Great Wall, Forbidden city, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace etc), you may consider joining an one day tour – it’s cheap, it’s time-saving, don’t expect too much. You can check the following page: https://www.trip.com/things-to-do?cityid=1 It is from trip.com, the biggest travel service platform in China.
  • If you prefer high-end, essence cultural experiences with private travel guide, feel free to ask us.
  • If you like history and antiques, China’s National Museum (en.chnmuseum.cn) in Tiananmen square is worth a visit.
  • You’ll find many modern art galleries, graffiti arts and souvenir shops at the 798 art district (www.798district.com)
  • Forbidden City and Summer Place are always loaded with too many tourists. Visit them in afternoon (after 3pm) can avoid most big-sized touring groups.
  • Temple of Heaven is also among the top attractions. The ancient wood building is pretty unique. Plus, if you go there in early morning you’ll see lot of local residents gathered into groups, doing various kinds of sports and entertainment activities like singing dancing and performing. You can join the locals if you want. Most of them are friendly aged people who can’t speak English, then the WeChat translation is helpful.
  • Houhai is a inner lake in central area of Beijing. It is traditionally a residential district but in recent decade it become a bar and club district. You can visit it at night, better in one of weekday rather than weekend to avoid the big pack of tourists.
  • For ‘normal tourist’, the Olympic Park (bird nest and water cube) is kind of boring. But interestingly it’s the biggest spot of longboard dancing&freestyle in Beijing, you can meet hundreds of Chinese young longboarders there.
  • Silk market is famous for it sells fake goods of all big brands (it’s Joner’s favorite shopping spot).
  • Panjiayuan flea market is full of fake antiques but the sellers always try to make you believe what they’re selling is genuine. You have to bargain really hard (they all speak english), don’t be fooled.
  • The west, north and east of Beijing are surrounded by mountains. There are leisure-level hills like the well-knowned Fragrant Hill Park (famous for its spectacular sight of red maples in autumn but too many tourist pouring in at that time, not recommended to go) and there are several big mountains over 2000 meter height (6500 feet) like Lingshan and Baicaopan. You need to make a plan of a 1 or 2 days trip include taking bus to get there and hiking up and down.
  • If you don’t want to go to the same section of Great Wall that every tourist goes, Jiankou Wild Great Wall is the most notorious one for its steep cliffs, magnificent scenes (and death record – but much more safer to go with an outdoor guide).
  • For those hardcore outdoor explorers, There are many massive, multilayer karst cave system in the mountain area. It happens that Ciwei is one of experienced caving explorer. You can ask him about all the details about how to join a caving exploration trip (there are both commercial and non-commercial caving teams in Beijing). He is also good at descending cliffs.

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