2019 Beijing Skateboarding Marathon (with all details)

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The 1st distance skateboarding event in Beijing


Date: Oct 19th, 2019
Place: North section, Dongjiao wetland park, Li Tian Road, Beijing, China
Check-in time: 8:00-8:30am, North gate of Dongjiao wetland park.
Discipline: 7km, 43km
8:00-8:30 check-in
8:30-9:00 opening ceremony
9:00-9:30 7km mini marathon
10:00-14:00 43km marathon
14:30-15:00 award ceremony
Evening and night: diner and after diner party

(if you cannot pay online, choose the ticket type of “pay-at check-in“. Message me if you encounter any problem to finish the registration. )

About the track

– It is a 2.4km circular track. Smooth, almost flat. Racers have to run 3 laps for 7km and 18 laps for 43km. There will be a big display to let you know how many laps you left.

– It is a track with many bends and turns and not many straights (it’s not very fast but it’s fun!). You have to master the techniques of push and turn at same time (with double feet) to run very fast. It takes you 6 minutes to 9 minutes for one single lap depends on your speed.

– there is a video of going through the track https://v.qq.com/x/page/e09107905a1.html(the Chinese words in the video are just saying like “here a crossroad, go this way, other way will be blocked at race day”.)

Accommodation & Transport

– VERY IMPORTANT – Dongjiao wetland park includes north section and (bigger) south section. If you search its name on maps, it always show the result of south section – it’s a little hard to find the way connecting south section and north section (though it does exists). You can simply avoid the difficulty by navigating to “Li Qiao children’s hospital” which is right on the opposite of the gate of Dongjiao wetland park’s north section.

– North section of Dongjiao wetland park is pretty close to Beijing International Airport (5 km from Terminal 3, 10km from Terminal 2). For international travelers, the the most convenient place to stay is hotel near airport.

– One another easy choice is staying with us. We will help dozens of Chinese longboarders from other cities to stay two nights in Beijing (Oct 18th and 19th). Very possibly we will find a big house or apartment from airbnb (or other similar platform) to let the longboarders to stay together, and everyone split the costs – like last time we did at Beidaihe15k. We will also lease a bus so you won’t be late for the event. Send us a message if you’re interested.

Safety Issues

– It’s a SkateIDSA sanctioned race. Helmet is mandatory.

– There will be a medical team and an ambulance car stand by.

– Please confirm with your insurer if your insurance plan covers any emergency medical expenses from oversea.

– Longboarding on roads does violate traffic rule of China. However in most times the police won’t bother to stop you. But if the police indeed stopped you, he/she may charge you a penalty about 20 RMB (3 USD). If you want to have a ride in downtown Beijing, just avoid rush hour (lot of annoying electric scooters) and there you go.

– Generally speaking, China is very safe. Theft and robbery are very rare in Beijing these days.

Weather in Beijing

– October is the best time to visit Beijing. Always sunny, cool in morning and warm at afternoon. It is less likely to encounter severely polluted weather in October (Air pollution is getting better in Beijing but the issue still exists).



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