Opt-in One-day Skateboarding Insurance during Beijing Marathon

We will purchase an one-day sports insurance for all registered racers. If you’re opt-in, please fill the following form. The fee is included in the registration fee so you don’t need to pay any money. For more information about the product, please visit (it’s in Chinese) http://www.51baoy.com/cps/6ba589900d5fafa0/detail/182.html If you have any problem, please contact jihe.gao@gmail.com

[30 days countdown of Beijing Skateboarding Marathon] network issue, accommodation & after-race party, and tips of touring in Beijing

Network issue In most cases, all the oversea web services are accessible in China if you use data roaming of your sim card from your country. The only problem is it’s expensive (around 20$ for 1Gb). But in case you really in an emergency situation, remember this. VPN is highly unstable in China because the

2019 Beijing Skateboarding Marathon (with all details)

Please goto https://www.facebook.com/events/2373252586326484/ to follow us and ask questions.   The 1st distance skateboarding event in Beijing   Date: Oct 19th, 2019Place: North section, Dongjiao wetland park, Li Tian Road, Beijing, China Check-in time: 8:00-8:30am, North gate of Dongjiao wetland park. Discipline: 7km, 43kmSchedule:8:00-8:30 check-in8:30-9:00 opening ceremony9:00-9:30 7km mini marathon10:00-14:00 43km marathon14:30-15:00 award ceremonyEvening and


Name Gender Time Category Kaspar HEINRICI Male 0:37:48 30-39 You SU (苏佑) Male 0:38:56 14-18 Chenguang XU (徐晨光) Male 0:41:14 19-29 Tianyu FU(付天予) Male 0:41:56 19-29 Hang ZHANG(张航) Male 0:42:00 30-39 Hao WU(吴豪) Male 0:42:33 19-29 Botao PAN(潘波涛) Male 0:42:39 19-29 Chuanjie Xu(徐传杰) Male 0:42:57 19-29 Jinbiao SHI(史金彪) Male 0:43:44 19-29 Yingjian LIU(刘英健) Male 0:43:54 19-29 Haoze LI(李浩泽) Male 0:44:08 19-29 Yichang LIU(刘一畅) Male 0:44:13 19-29 Vince GAO(高越) Male 0:44:16


1 报到 时间:5月1日下午3点到晚上6点半 地点:鸥鹏酒店接待大厅右侧 内容:确认缴费信息、确认装备齐全、领取号码布、运动员证、交个人证件(用于抵押计时芯片,赛后退还) (代他人报到没有证件的,可以每人交500元押金,赛后退还) (1号来不及到现场的,可以在5.2参赛群找zs天予微信转账(微信号:fty19910927))   2 领队会议 时间:5月1日晚8点 地点:社科院北戴河培训中心(鸽子窝公园对面)4号楼左手边大会议室 内容:裁判长沟通比赛规则和注意事项、发放计时芯片,尽量每个人都来参加   3 迷你马拉松 时间:5月2日早8点到9点半 地点:奥林匹克公园出发线附近 集合:8点到8点半编队集结(LDP China旗帜处)、穿 LDP China 统一服装、必须佩戴运动员证,在5.2参赛群里接龙报名   4 15公里比赛 时间:5月2日早10点半 地点:奥林匹克公园出发线附近 集合:10点半编队集结(LDP China旗帜处)、必须规范佩戴号码布、计时芯片